One of the worst parts of ecommerce is dealing with taxes. Tax rules are difficult to understand and vary from location to location. Not only that, but tax rules are regularly modified and what may have been compliant today may cost you a ton in unpaid taxes tomorrow.

That is why we have partnered with Avalara to bring a simple end-to-end solution for managing tax collection and preparation. They do the hard work to make sure your business stays compliant. This certified Avalara integration with Restrict Content Pro will allow you to automatically collect the appropriate taxes during registration and for each subsequent subscription payment.

Check out the screenshots below to see how simple this plugin makes calculating taxes.

We are working closely with Avalara to make sure that we cover all of your tax calculation and preparation needs. We are in the final stages of the certification process and only need a few beta testers before we are official. If you would like to be part of our public beta of this plugin, please fill out the form below. We’ll reach out with instructions for setting up your beta account.

Why a public beta?

Avalara takes each one of its new integrations seriously. There is a strict certification process which we’ve already gone through to make sure that our feature-set and integration complies with Avalara standards.The last step in the certification process is to set up the integration for a few customers.

As a part of our public beta, you will be working closely with us and our partners over at Avalara to ensure that your site is set up correctly. Think of it as a white-glove service.

How much does it cost?

Our plugin is free and the Avalara membership will vary based on your volume. Most sites can expect to pay somewhere between $50/year and $200/year.

Why Avalara?

We wanted to integrate with a service that provides both US and European tax resolution. Avalara does both and has been a leader in the industry for many years.

Can’t I just track taxes manually?

There are plugins out there for tracking taxes manually, but we’ve always felt these are poor solutions for ecommerce. Tax rules and regulations change so often that it would be impossible for you to keep track of everything and ensure that you remain compliant. Why spend a bunch of time reading up on tax laws? Avalara will do that for you so you can spend time running your business.

Avatax Beta Sign up

  • Calculate US and VAT tax
  • Use the Avatax system to auto file
  • Real time tax estimation